GPS Tracking

GPS Delivery & Tracking

For Dynamex customers, the safe and efficient transport of goods is critical. Many of them transport hazardous, highly confidential, and/or time-sensitive materials.

It is important to know that their goods are being delivered according to the route plan, and if necessary, to locate the goods being transported.

Time Sensitive Delivery

For our customers who require real-time tracking of driver deliveries, Dynamex makes use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide real-time tracking of assets, route review and optimization, and delivery reporting.

Transportation Tracking System

The Dynamex GPS tracking solution allows customers to see and track multiple routes on the same day, or the same route on multiple days.

Gathering fact-based data such as stop time and mileage allows performance to be measured and improved.

dxNow® is designed to provide automatic status updates as the expedited delivery process is underway and allows for “virtual” online communication with Dynamex, so no need for an extra telephone call to Customer Care.

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