dxNow® Reporting Functions

Courier Reporting Services

After delivery, you can update and maintain your records with the rich courier reporting features available through dxNow®.

dxNow® offers a collection of online delivery reporting options to help you manage your parcel shipments and business with Dynamex.

You can generate reports containing order information for a single or a range of days that can be printed, exported or easily viewed on screen.

Order Detail Report

The Order Detail Report provides a detailed list of all your critical deliveries in the selected date range, complete with parcel pick-up, delivery, and completion information.

Reference Code Report

The Reference Code Report also provides a detailed list of all orders by a selected date range.

In addition, orders are grouped together and sub-totaled by the reference code that was entered at the time the order was placed.

Therefore, the Reference Code Report allows you to track your shipping by individual, department, client, and more.

Download Order Data

The Download Order Data Report provides the all of the order detailed information in a format that can be easily loaded in to Excel® for your internal reporting and analysis needs. You can create and save various report formats for selected accounts, data fields and filters. This allows easy re-use of the same selections with new date ranges selected.

Online Order Report

The Dynamex proprietary online ordering and delivery tracking system was developed to meet our customers’ same-day transportation and logistics needs.

From dxNow®,  customers can:

  • Enter and track orders
  • View signatures
  • Generate reports
  • Distribution customers can view route details

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