dxNow® On-line Ordering and Order Tracking

Online Courier Tracking – dxNow®

The Dynamex proprietary online ordering and online delivery tracking system was developed to meet our customers’ same-day transportation and logistics tracking needs.

From dxNow®, customers can:

  • Enter and track orders
  • View signatures
  • Generate Reports
  • Distribution customers can view route details

dxNow® is designed to provide automatic status updates as the expedited delivery process is underway and allows for “virtual” online communication with Dynamex, so no need for an extra telephone call to Customer Care.

Transportation Tracking System

Considering the short service periods in the same-day transportation and logistics business, where deliveries are sometimes considered “late” if not delivered within 60 minutes of order placement, providing customers with a real-time transportation tracking solution is a complex undertaking.

Implementing dxNow® required converting all of the Dynamex local Business Centers to a single unified technology platform, building a national network, constructing web-enabled delivery systems, and deploying interactive mobile data devices to its fleet of delivery drivers.

Online order tracking – dxNow® links:

The Dynamex dxNow® system provides an online courier tracking interface that shows where an order is in the delivery process.

After delivery, you can update and maintain your records with the rich courier reporting features available through dxNow®.

Mobile Delivery Tracking

JAVA & .NET mobile applications enable real-time data communication between dispatchers and the Dynamex fleet of drivers.

With direct integration between the Dynamex dxMobile® application and DECS/dxNow®, information such as Routes, Stops, Items, Pickup Updates, Delivery Updates, Signatures, Driver Status, and more can be shared with our customers and shipping partners in real-time.

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