Dynamex Enterprise Computer System (DECS)

Courier Delivery & Distribution Order Management

DECS is the Dynamex comprehensive operations system for On-Demand, Dedicated, and Distribution order management.

It is the internally-developed courier management system, linking all locations and controlling all customer orders. This is how we make sure that we deliver on every commitment, measure our performance and generate an accurate invoice.

The DECS suite of applications allows us to provide top-notch customer service through features such as:

  • Modules for order entry and monitoring, dispatch, and cycle processing
  • Quick order entry and tracking
  • Automated rating and driver settlements
  • On-Demand order dispatching
  • Computer-aided dispatch
  • Real-time communications with drivers
  • Location confirmation (GPS)
  • Proof of delivery (POD)
  • Distribution Management (ASN import, route creation, monitoring, and manipulation)
  • Operational reporting (KPIs, OS&D, etc)
  • Order invoicing and driver settlement

Custom Tailored Distribution Delivery

Dynamex offers transportation management solutions that allow you to focus your time on your core business while we manage your shipping needs.

Our logistics and distribution management experts will evaluate your shipping needs, and design the most cost-effective routing and logistics management program to get your product delivered to your customers.

Delivery Management System

Dynamex is the industry leader in developing technology enabling us to offer the highest level of courier management service to our customers and increase our efficiency as a Same-Day Transportation/Logistics/Distribution and Services company.

Most of the applications used by Dynamex are developed internally, allowing us to greatly improve the response time in meeting our customers’ needs.

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