Technology Overview

Advanced Delivery Solutions

Dynamex is the industry leader in developing delivery technology, enabling us to offer the highest level of advanced courier service to our customers and increase our efficiency as a Same-Day Transportation, Logistics, Distribution and Courier Services company.

Whether you are shipping a single time-critical package or have distribution freight requirements, Dynamex is your delivery fulfillment provider of choice.

Shipping Technology

At Dynamex, we view shipping technology as an integral part of our courier service offering and it gives us an edge over our competitors.

We offer our customers the highest level of support with a variety of advanced delivery services.

  • Within Dynamex, we have a full-service IT department dedicated to supporting our customers, branches, and transportation partners.
  • Most of the systems used by Dynamex are developed internally, allowing us to greatly improve the response time in meeting our customer’s needs.
  • A broad range of advanced transportation solutions are available to make sure we meet the expectations of our customers, present and future.
  • These solutions can be combined and configured to meet changing needs and requirements.

Dynamex Delivery Services

We provide ground or air solutions for urgent, time-sensitive shipments. We provide same-day shipping and courier services within cities, between cities and between countries.

If you need immediate delivery of recurring orders, both you and your customers can rely on Dynamex.

Transportation Systems

Our advanced solutions for meeting our customer’s delivery and transportation logistics needs include: